Application: BIPV

Building Integrated Photovoltaic System (BIPV) is famous because the PV modules act as the building roof. This design is cost effective and looks contemporary/ modernistic instead of traditional tile or metal deck roofing. This concept is commonly applied for shed, car porch, bus station, factory and etc.

Technical Details

Installation Site Shed, Car Porch, Bus Station, Factory And Etc
Wind Load Range from 35m/s to 75m/s
Installation Angle 8 to 60 degree
PV Modules Framed or Frameless
Module Orientation Landscape or Portrait
Material Aluminium / Galvanized Iron
Anti Corrosive Anodized
Warranty 15 to 25 Years


Other Accessories for BIPV System


Name : Main Rail
Remark : Installed on building purlins.


Name : Cross Rail
Remark : Installed across with main rail.


Remark : To clamp PV Modules on to the main rail.


Name : Cable Lug
Remark : To install at cross rail for earth cable
between module to module.